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The work of Ecooldesigns includes raising awareness of the environment and the importance of tree conservation This includes on the ground environmental projects. Replanting , replacing and replenishing those areas of the world that require help. As with environmental projects, there are women and children that require help starting a new life after their lives may too have been cut down and uprooted for obvious reasons. Both projects matter to us greatly and it is your purchases that can help us to play a part in making changes.

Tracey and Esmond

meet the founder

Scottish Womens Aid

Their Mission

Supporting and defending the rights of the women in our network who assist women, children, and teenagers who are victims of domestic violence.

Interacting with the government and other national stakeholders to assist them in comprehending the issue of domestic abuse in Scotland and providing them with a bold response

Addressing the causes of women's inequality, including their lack of rights, independence, wealth, and power

What does Ecooldesigns does for Scottish Womens Aid

Domestic and Sexual violence is a subject that I have lived, and become more and more aware of over the years. Women's Aid UK gave me and my young sons a lifeline when we had nothing and nowhere to go. After many years of living with , getting help with and surviving the trauma of Abuse I had the fortunate chance meeting with Esmond. We became best friends and business partners. We spoke at length about things that mattered to us both. We decided that conservation and preserving the carbon footprint of this depleting world we live in, mattered. We also spoke of both our lives and the sadness we have both seen and endured. As we now both live in Scotland, we decided that we also needed to give back to society and help those who are still becoming victims of abuse and require the help , safety and care of the Women's Aid Scotland. Without the help I got many years ago the life of my sons and I could have turned out very differently. Our monthly donation is our thanks.

Courtesy of Tracey

meet the founder